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The Artist

So the little artist strikes again with a vengence. Here he is after all was said and done hiding from the camera like a celeb from bad publicity. I think he is learning that I tell people these things. His own personal inquirer.

So what happened... We got home early due to a contact malfunction. It was terrible, enough said. I was so proud of my little artist as he asks to use the potty. I send him upstairs since the little lady was sleeping and he would have to travel through her room to use the facilities since the route through his room is baracaded due to other artistic feats. So he goes upstairs and I hear shuffling. I can't yell because as I said little lady is napping and I do not want to wake her. So I wait a few minutes. Soon the artist returns and is saying something about his ball having something on it. So I look. It kinda looks like bubble gum so I touch it out of confusion. What is this... PAINT! I then really look at him and he is covered in paint on his shirt, pants, feet, hands. ARGH! I ask him why he got into the paint. He said "I don't know."

So I then have to go and look at the damage upstairs. I am nervous I mean who knows what I could find. I walk slowly up the stairs breathing all the way. I then see this... only the begining...

Paint on the game chair. Then I go and look around the corner and see this...

Paint on the table and DVD holder Hubby made. But I look down, where I had been to nervous to look and there is more!

PAINT ON THE FLOOR! I look to see what kind of paint is on the carpet. Finger crossed for acrylic that I have some chance of scrubbing out of the carpet... I see my paint brush tackle box that I inherited from my grandmother. NOOOO! I had purchased fabric paint for baby gifts earlier in the year so I could do a special Ugly doll burp cloth and still have it be washable without affecting the picture. Oh he had found my very permanent fabric paint and put it on the carpet. So I wiped up what I could and now have beautiful carpet.

Later I was doing something and looked at my cat and found this...

Poor Squall couldn't even escape the mad artists muse and got painted as well. So I anxiously await the reaction of hubby who does not know yet and will be none to thrilled. Oh the artist and their craft.

Froggy Weather

When we were driving to work this morning it was really foggy and a small artist voice from the back announced that it was "Froggy Weather out!"

The half dirty home...

So Hubby believes due to someone telling him at some point that it is the woman’s job to cook, clean, and take care of the kids and if he feels like it he can pitch in. I was raised on a very different note where both equally clean, cook, and take care of the kids. I would say that IF one person is not working then it is more their job to do those things but IF both parties are working it is 50-50. While I would never claim to really always do my 50 I try my best.

I tend to understand a simple concept known as the band-aid clean. This is the idea that you get things clean enough to be presentable without killing yourself in the process until such time you are able to do more. This is very important since I work full time and commute and hour each way to work. By the time I get home I am exhausted from being up and have zero energy for anything. So I band-aid clean at times to get by. I do dishes regularly and do the laundry mainly for the kiddos and myself. I let hubs get his own because I get this kids. I cook when I am able and do sandwiches sometimes. I expect Hubby to take out the trash and do the lawn. I expect everyone to pick up their own trash around the house and get dishes to the sink. I am pretty good at getting my own and kiddos stuff on most days. Hubby is a fan of the mountain of cans.

I swear he tries to see how high he can get it before it annoys me to the point I pick it up. The same with dishes. He knows that at some point I will get annoyed and pick it up. It really bothers me to no end. So I feel like I am picking up his trash, cans, dishes, and socks from random places around the house. I like a clean home but man! I am not a maid when I work a full time job as well that is not how it works.

Hubby is not devoid of cleaning ability but he likes a thorough clean. And I mean THOROUGH! We are talking hours on small rooms. Hubby spent three hours in my little artist man's room and got it looking excellent! He did a wonderful job. But then my three year old made a toothpaste floor wash as seen in "The Artist Burst Forth". A band-aid job would have worked but he was thorough.

Thoroughness in my book keeps me from having a cleaner house because if you spend too much tie in one room you don't get to the others so what is the use of only having one clean room in the house when you could have several pretty clean rooms. So as the woman I am expected to do the rest and to that I say well cleaning is 50-50 and if only one room gets clean and I am busy picking up dishes, doing dishes, doing the kids laundry, putting together the cloth dipes for the little girl, then I guess the house if 50% dirty because I am more than a full time worker and a maid and I will take time to relax when I am home.

So we set up for the garage sale bright and early. I went around and put up signs at great locations close by so people would see them and come to my garage sale. I set out all of the stuff and it looked pretty good. I was sooo sure with baby stuff up for grabs that they would flock to the sale to grab cheaper stuff. It looked nice with my friend Teran and kiddos waiting.

We waited and waited. Teran went to put up some other signs further out. No one really came. FAIL! I felt defeated really. So I drive to get some soda. Someone had torn down all of my signs in the locations that were close that were important to get people to the garage sale and to get the word out. And the really important intersections now had a sign for a sale down the street from mine on the same day. I was sooo angry. I sat outside and worked my bum off for someone to just tear down all of my signs and replace the great intersection ones with their own when it is only logical that two garage sales close together would get more of a crowd than one so they would have increased patronage not lost it to me. Grrr! I am steamed over this. I not only got a sunburn and sat outside all day for almost nothing but that was just a really rude thing to do. I have their address so it is really tempting to go and talk to them about this because it was just uncalled for. Now my living room really did not change all that much. Oh well. Fail blog it is for this garage sale but I still contend that Hubby is wrong about garage sales and had my signs been left intact that I would have proved it.

Sooo my son is an artist! He loves to paint and draw and have a grand old time! He is also a nice little artist who loves to clean up after himself and worries when he does not. He is such a sweet little cutie. We have been working on potty training recently with our little artist and he has been doing excellent. So we decided to open up the hallway door closest to the bathroom, normally he exits through a door that leads to the kitchen, which was previously barricaded closed to keep him out of the things in the bathroom he should not play with.

I sat him down and lovingly talked about opening the door for him and what it meant. I explained that now that he is a big artist he does not wear diapers to bed and will need to get up and use the potty when he needs to go. He understands and nods happily. I explain gently that this means that he should only go to the bathroom when he needs to go and not play in the bathroom or get into things. I ask him what I said and he repeats ever so sweetly. When he does mess up I let him know that it is okay but he knows better than to get into things in the bathroom and that if he does it again he will lose the privilege.


Little artist is napping ever so nicely and ever so quietly… I decide to go check on him and make sure he does not need to use the restroom. What is this I find…

My little artist had created a loved masterpiece out of …

Yes, toothpaste. He said he was painting and cleaning the floor and used not one but…

Two tube of toothpaste on the beautiful floor. It smells like someone filled my home with fake mints and they melted and because a veritable gas strike on my home. I took a deep breath and saw the humor in the situation. I smiled sweetly at my lovely little boy and looked at the lovely masterpiece. I then walked out and got water and soap together. I sweetly took my little boy and explained to him that he now had to clean the mess and…

He did. Needless to say the hallway will be barricaded for a little longer.

The Fish and the Mouse Host a Garage Sale!

If a fish and a mouse fell in love where would they live? Well a fish and a mouse should never fall in love because it is just not natural. But if they did the mouse would need to learn to swim. Compromise is a part of every relationship that you will ever be in during your lifetime. There are many compromises that you might not realize that you have made so they come naturally and you don’t even think about it. There are several times a day even that you are compromising and it takes no real effort. Sooo why is it so hard to compromise with spouses?
So the hubs I would say to me is my personal “fish” and I am the “mouse” who is working to compromise and learn to swim so we can live together. There are situations of course where I am the “fish” and he is the “mouse” learning to swim like with home décor but that is neither here nor there because I being human am self centered.
This weekend is GARAGE SALE weekend. Woo Hoo! So this is my first ever I am hosting it and selling my things as an adult. What a milestone I am about to embark on. Hubs of course in the dutiful “fish” role maintains that GARAGE SALE’s are dumb because you take an entire day out of your life to not make much $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ and it seems like a waste “lets just take it all to the donation center or throw it away” and “I will believe it when I see it” and “Do it on your time.” So that is exactly what I did. I planned my own GARAGE SALE where I will not share the $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ because he is not helping and he wanted to “lets just take it all to the donation center or throw it away.” So I set the date on Facebook and asked for help with the kiddos for the day so that there was no going back. Then I went through the attic and drug boxes downstairs. Phew it was a lot of work getting all the crap gathered together! Once again no help so no $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ for him! Hubs and I have been talking about family size and whether or not we want more than the two rugrats that we have now. He has said that he wants to adopt which is really noble of him. I always wanted to adopt and well as I have gotten older the desire has faded a bit honestly. I was adopted so I love the idea of it. But here is the catch you never know what you will get and it is expensive. I have two excellent kiddos and they take all my available $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ so adopting seems out of the picture for me really. So he would love another but he wants to adopt, which is a difficult prospect for me because I work with kids and know what a can of worms it can be. I would love to adopt really I avoid the adoption websites that have kiddos on em because I fall in love and want to run and get them that minute. But back on topic I decided to sell all the baby stuff if more babies are not a part of plan than there is no use in packing it away to be stored forever and ever and ever! So currently my main room is stacked to the ceiling with CRAP from the attic and kitchen to be sold. I unloaded the stuff in the kitchen and so many things we got from our wedding showers are awesome and cool gadgets that I just never use so why have them in my kitchen if they are going to sit and collect dust? So I am selling selling selling! I planned it on a Saturday because that is the day that Brad works so it will not bother him as much. I told him that I want to try this and see how it goes and if it is crash and burn I will know better next time and if it works out and is great than -> I am right!<- and he is >WRONG<>

Pictures of the Chaos of my Garage Sale planning!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Ha ha this wordless Wednesday is a play for votes... LOL yes yes I need as many votes as possible on my Daughters adorable pic of her playing in the pool in the Rayovac Summer Fun Photo contest to try and win a new wonderful digital Camera so scroll below the pic and click the link and hit VOTE you can vote once every 24 hrs!

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I love movies that my hubby tells me are way too young for me. Why? Because of the innocence of that age. Even in situations that are not soo innocent there is an innocent approach to things. Plus I myself was never a wild child or an outgoing boy crazy flirt… Okay I did flirt and I was boy crazy but I was not going around kissing guys for no reason other than boredom or practice when I was a teenager high schooler. I had my first kiss at 18 my first year of college at the Christmas party on the fourth floor of my dorm (I lived on the sixth) in the suite of the guys that I hung out with and chilled with that year. If you could not find me that year I was either in that suite watching TV/hanging out or at Crosswalk. Well back to the first kiss. I was all set to have a special perfect first kiss; I mean I saved it for how long? Well a gay guy was a little drunk and kept complimenting me on my blue eyes and showing me pics of his boyfriend. Almost out of nowhere he cornered me between the door and the microfridge and laid one on me. I tried to duck but he put his hand under my arm. Sooo after that I did not care as much. But that said it is pretty obvious that I did not have the wild social high school experience that is in TV shows and movies about the high school experience so I live vicariously through the innocent misgivings of the youth in the shows.

Angus, Thongs, and Serious Snogging is a very cute movie in which Georgia falls in love with Robbie the new boy. This is a great English movie much like Bridget Jones. Where Bridget Jones was an English quirky love story for older High Schoolers and College Students Angus is a movie great from the Middle School bunch and younger High Schoolers. On the first day of school Georgia falls hard for new boy rocker Robbie and plots how to get him. Her exploits include practice kissing with the go-to kissing coach at the school who falls for her but she hates his slobbery love, pretending to lose her cat to meet and spend time with Robbie, orange legs, and bleach hair. All through this her father moves for work and her mother is acting strange. The biggest hurtle though is the beautiful blonde that Robbie is dating. It is a great movie where you laugh and you really feel for the awkward and quirky Georgia who only wants that perfect high school experience and the perfect boy by her side throughout it.

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