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Here we go... A ton of photos of life in general from Mahalia's birth until well now. Enjoy the journey! They are not in any particular order.

To swaddle or not to swaddle that is the question.
Tis better to have arms restrained or arms out.

I am not sure. Stephen slept in a swaddle for the first 7 months of his life. There was no issue really. He started rolling over in his sleep in his swaddle at 7 months which is when we transitioned to not being swaddled. Mahalia started flipping over in her swaddle at 3 months. So here I was not ready to have her sleep unswaddled but her not being able to sleep in her bed because she had no arms to move herself out of the mattress. So we had her sleeping in her swaddle in her swing for a few weeks. But she then started rolling over in her swaddle in her swing. Grrr. Okay okay no swaddle and in the bed not swing. We transitioned this week which was difficult for me. She just started a growth spurt that has her not sleeping through the night again so I am dragging for now. What to do but ride it out. One day she will get back to sleeping through the night.

We have been successfully cloth diapering at home which is awesome. The daycare did not agree to cloth diaper, sore subject for me no matter what the reasons are. But at home we are doing the BG 3.0 and loving em. We have plenty of diapers and they are easy easy to use. We bought some new and some used on the swapping websites. You can't really understand the idea of buying used unless you have been cding because it is so foreign and sounds gross (I know I have been there). But it is perfectly safe and save a bundle when stocking a good stash. We have used two different detergents on our dipes. Sudzy Baby which I loved and now Rockin' Green. Sudzy Baby we had some issues with the stocking times and website difficulties plus the scenting they use is crystals that don't all go away when the wash is completed. It was driving Brad nuts, which I understand, so we switched to Rockin' Green which had a ton of great interviews. The first Rockin' Green experience was not what I expected because I expected quicker turn around on the order but due to new packaging, new location, new formula, and new equipment there were bugs to be worked out. The product is AWESOME! The scents are AWESOME! All of the product is natural and it all is gone after the wash. To come will be a slideshow of my Rocking a soak with Rockin' Green process.

Mahalia is close to crawling and should be really going any day now. As it is she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks LOL! Blazin to catch up to Stephen. Stephen loves his sister and often tries to comfort her when she is crying. They are an adorable pair of rascals growing more and more as the days pass. So here we are. Four person family with a lot of growing room and a lot of time to grow.

Wow things got crazy and here I am month and months later. Baby is here YAY! Mahalia was born on december 21st, 2009 exactly 2 yrs and 6 months after Stephen who was born on June 21, 2007. Strange! She is healthy and happy.

People always tell me not to worry becasye 2nd babies are generally slower to talk walk etc. LOL they are slower when the older sibling is interested int hem and will bring them things and talk for them... Stephen is so busy with his own little life that he does not try to talk for Mahalia and he is not bringing her anything. So she is driven to get to things on her own. She is almost crawling now but even without the word crawling she is definetly getting where she wants to be without any issues. LOL I would love for her to have taken some time to be still but she has places to go. She is so much fun to watch!

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