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We are at 12 weeks. So two more weeks and we are out of the first trimester which I must say is the scariest and possibly most miserable part of pregnancy for me. I am one that has the 24 hour morning sickness variety with aversion to any strong odor. During this time I have had to run to the bathroom for both good and bad odors the strangest being the baby powder smell that Stephen's pampers have. It is by far worse in the evening when I am not always able to eat and if I do I am prepared for anything to happen. During the morning I feel at my peak and sometimes in the early afternoon depending on the day. It has started as early as noon when I quietly exited a training I was in and as late as 5pm. Generally I get sick around 4, or better said nausea sets in. Thankfully I have been able to maintian and gain appropraitely according to the doctor meaning that the days I keep everything down are helping the days I worship the toilet bowl (whichever it might be). I read a funny article a woman who had terrible morning sickness throughout her pregnancy wrote where her bi-line was "I just enjoy vomiting." At times when hubby doesn't understand and tells me I think about it to much and if I would just think about something else I would be fine. That is when I think about the article and laugh to myself about enjoying vomiting, which no woman does. I have hope that the morning sickness will fade away with the transition of the first trimester or at least get to the point it was with Stephen where I felt a little nauseated if I needed to eat. at the same time my heartburn has offically started but it pretty mild at this point and also get increasingly annoying toward the evening. I am so very excited about the journey I am embarking on with #2.
The news is being shared now and not before because we were a little nervous about who knew because of the dangers in the first trimester. Hearing the heartbeat yesterday was amazing and it was a breath of fresh air that caused me to relax a little bit. I will feel a lot more relaxed when I feel regular movement in a couple of months but for now I live off of that little heart going within me in the 170's range which is healthy and wonderful at this point. We have our second sono in a month, we had our first because of not being able to easily find the heart beat a month ago and it had changed the due date that we originally had. So we will see the baby in month. We might know the sex in a month. And I will get another sigh of relief in a month. Until then... I might look into investing into a personal doppler from babys-r-us. From what I have heard from family and friends it works well and helped them through their anxious moments.

Not long after we were married. We moved into a cute little home. We found out soon after that we were expecting. After morning sickness and craving Stephen was born on June 21st 2007. He spent some time in the NICU but is doing great. Stephen continues to change and grow and learn. All of this is happening while Brad and I are learning as well from him.

Brad and I met on January 28th 2004 officially. We had been emailing and chatting via yahoo personals and messanger for about a month and we finally met. We went out to Westerville Bowl with a college friend of mine and bowled. We hit it off, even though I was trying to let my friend and Brad talk more. We were goners at that point. Over the next three years we lived and loved and after my graduation in June 2006 we moved to Amarillo and were married on July 28th, 2006 on our 2 1/2 year anni.

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