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So as a Mom (or Dad depending on your role in the family) we get to graduate from the Where's Waldo world of seeking and finding interesting things in pictures to our own grown up live version of seek and find. Some of those games are:
  • Find the shoe- you can always find at least one shoe, however the second shoe is generally hiding in some obscure to very obvious place to be found at a later date when finding it does not matter in the slightest and you will forget either finding it or if you are fortunate enough to remember you have since forgotten where the other is.

  • Finding the blankie, the nook, the pacie, the whatever security item is needed for rest in general- in this game you frantically search the house, car, or where ever you are for said item. All the while you have a whining little creature following you crying about wanting to find the said item. This generally ends with peace of mind when the item is found and the creature has tuckered itself out from all the whining in the hunt. When the item is not recovered better prepare your straight jacket because it will be a battle of epic proportions to get the creature to sleep and then it will be your turn to pass out from the hunt. Sometimes this game ends in screaming and saying "if you had kept up with it it would not be lost so deal with it."
  • Find the smell- This game involves searching the house, car, or fridge for what is causing the terrible smell to fill said space. This ends in disgusting cleaning work or simply trashing the toxic waste

  • Find the keys- For some reason the small creatures that live with us like the clanking sounds that keys make and feel that your keys are necessary for the sound as well as playing house. So you search high and low and finally find the keys in the logical place... the toy box

So the next time you are playing an adult seek and find remember to stop and smile since these games do come with cuddles, giggles, and the reward of watching those little creatures become wonderful people!

A little break from my recent yarn for a little fun about the situation I currently find myself in...

Now that I am unemployed I can...

  • Research all of those big career tracks that I would love to have but don't qualify for and don't have the money to get the degree to qualify for them.

  • Write the next American Novel in all that spare time that two children under 4 give me.

  • Clean the house as the afore mentioned children under 4 tear through it.

  • Learn to bake like a pro when I am not making fish sticks, grilled cheese, PB&J, and the many other kiddo faves.

  • Catch up on the scrapbooking and try to ensure that the living room is not covered in glitter when the kiddos want to "help."

  • Sleep in a little later or at least until my three year old comes and wakes me up.

  • Play on Facebook for brief periods all day long.

  • Find a play group and see what that is like and if it really is a cut throat world of Mom's and my kid is better than yours.

  • Try out this Mother's day out concept if I can manage the money out of the budget to do so.

  • Read those magazines that come in the mail that I never had a chance to read before.

  • Cook meals instead of "warming things up" (Courtesy of Johnson home boys)

  • Check on my unemployment, CHIPS, WIC, and TANF statuses online since we now qualify due to my lack of income.

  • Realize that I am becoming exactly what I did not want to be with the above item.

  • Try to decide what to do next.

  • Watch stupid movies while I fold laundry.

  • And the best in this list is that I get to spend the days with my kids while they are still small.

Here is the deal. I lost my job on Monday. This was a shock to me and my family and seemed to come out of nowhere. It was not a good situation as there was no warning or predicating issue at work anywhere near this time. So now we are crunching numbers and deciding what to do from here. Keeping positive through this.

Sooo I absolutely love some chocolate. Also some PB. And sometimes some... We all have our lists of likes. No matter how you word it pretty much every diet out there says not to deny yourself what you like. You are more likely to quit and loose all motivation if you think you cannot ever have what you would like. So first off according to data I could find 95% of D-words fail.

Look at that. Crazy! So we aren't up against great odds really. I mean even within those 5% that were successful, how many will rebound. Rebound is common and it is because most of us Yo-yo through our D-words hoping for results and when we get them yo-yo back again but further. More like a yo-yo on a bungee cord and less like a string. Soooo what do we do. Once agian foods don't have to be tasteless. We can have what we like. Read those nutrition labels and have the serving.

Servings are cruel cruel jokes! Really! Ice creamo is a great example. Something that we all pretty much want to sit down and finish the pint... Well the serving is 1/4 cup sooo there could be as many as 8 servings in that countainer pending on filling. So multiply that calorie intake by 8! Can anyone say I ate Ice cream today and that is it! So look at those labels.

I love the new craze for fitness! Not only because it is good for us. But because you can find 100 calorie packs of almost anything: Chips, candy, cookie, ice cream, cereal, so on and so forth. Remember to look at labels here because some of these 100 calorie packs are a little over or under. But for a quick snack these are excellent. Plus this is the greatest way to get what you are craving but keep yourself from over doing it. Remember only eat one and not the whole box. I know I have been tempted to do that before when it was delicious!

So deny not those likes just control thine portions!

Sooo on a side not but speaking of not denying yourself. Don't deny yourself pleasure either...

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