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Not only are we baby lovers we are also animal lovers at heart at my home. We have had several cats (we have had horrible luck with cats) and we have had dogs. We started with a beage (technically) named Buddy. He was the sweetest dog ever. He was an adorable stereotypical old english painting looking beagle with a smile on at all times and a zest for living. We had some difficulty housebreaking him. We had him for a couple of years but ended up having to give him away because we were apartmenting it and he needed open spaces. Beagles are space dogs they have been bread for backyards and farm living. These dogs have been raised through the years as great hunting dogs who are excellent on long hunts because they were not only great at tracking since they are hounds but they are also loving and friendly to their masters so they kept them warm on long nights out in the elements and buddy was just that. I loved that old dog. But he moved on to a home that not only had another beagle to feed the beagles social needs but was also a farm so he had room to run and play. I think he was my favorite dog EVER!

While had Buddy we got Spira. A cute kitten who was rescued from the street. Spira, named after the land that Final Fantasy X was set in, was lively and loving. This was Brad's favorite cat because she was sweet and played a lot like a dog would. she loved climbing the chairs and snuggling in bed. We had her a short time and she died one afternoon from I do not know what. I remember getting a call at work from a very emotional Brad that she had died. I came home early and we cried together and buried her in the backyard at Brad's dads place. I don't think Brad ever got over Spira's death 100%.

Still having Buddy after Spira's passing we got Angel. Angel was a first and third pet in a way because she was Brad and his Dad's dog prior to coming to live with us. She was taken to Brad's grandmother's to live for awhile but Brad's grandmother was not a young wisp of a thing any longer and could not take care of Angel and one of Angel's puppies Sissy that she had prior to taking Angel and her home reflected it smelling strongly of Dog urine and making any visiter feel like they smelled of Dog urine as well when they left. So we took Angel who loved hanging out with Buddy anyway. They enjoyed each others company and through a few more cats we had the two of them. Buddy and Angel were not fixed (our young stupidity there and Brad's reluctance to get either fixed because it went against God's order of things, he has since changed him mind there). Sooo Buddy knocked up Angel. Angel is a small terrior that is jet black. So we had terrior and beagle puppies who were adorable. They took on funky beagle personalities with a smaller stature. Angel delierved 9 live puppies that were as sweet as can be. We kept them, yes in our apartment, until they were old enough to be given away and we gave them all away to friends and a few to strangers. They were great fun except they pooped everywhere and were loud. My one expereince with puppies was fun and taught me that I did not want to go there again. After awhile at the same time that we gave buddy away we also drove Angel and one of the puppies to Florida. Angel was given to Brad's mother to keep her company. This turned out to be a great union because Brad's mother recently home and not working due to illness were a great pair with Angel keeping her company and even showing that she knew when Brad's mother was going to have an episode. Angel lives there still to this day.

With Angel and Buddy we got four other cats (not kittens) one died mysteriously, Snow who was ill jumped out the window and ran away, an orange cat went nuts and we returned him to his family of origin and they were relieved to get him back, and Rex was so heartbroken to loose the cat he grew up with and the family he had grown accustomed to that he lost the will to live and we tried to draw him out but he urinated on himself and hid under a table. After only a couple of days he died of starvation becuase he refused to eat. Had he lived we would have returned him as well. That was the last attempt at a cat in the apartment and we took a break from having pets for a little while.

When we moved to Texas and moved into my paretns rental home. While we were there we got Liono and Lucy. Two kittens fro the same litter. Shortly after bringing them home Lucy got ill and we gave her antibiotics nursing her back to health. Once she was healthy she took advatage of an open door and ran away. Liono stayed and we got him fixed. He was a cute tabby who loved cuddling and jumping on our tall bed. We thinnk something happened and that he was too active after his surgery because he mysteriously died one evening.

After getting married and moving into a house we got a great dog that was a mixed breed. Her name was Freckles and she was loving but very very energetic. Freckles was afraid of all men except Brad and would pee on herself when men came around. We think that she was abused as a puppy by a man. She lived with us for about three years. She was made an outdoor dog when we noticed that she not only shed long white hair like crazy but was not getting house borken and we worked 45 min away from home so we were gone 10 hours a day. She loved Stephen but never understood that she should not jump on him. She kept finding her way out of the yard so she could go visiting around the neighborhood. We fixed the fence several times but she would dig her way out. One day she never came home. We were not sure what happened to her but we decided to leave it at that. She was always good at coming home so we knew she was really gone when she did not.

During Freckles time with us we had Lily a cute Kitten given to us by one of Brad's friends parents. She was sweet and hung out with me while I was preggo with Stephen. She would sit on my belly and purr. She ended up having worms and was banished tot he workshop to get that worked out. When Stephen was born we brought her back into the house. Something with giving birth made me really allergic to her and I was brekaing out in hives and Stephen was allergic to her so we ended up giving her away to a nice loving family.

After Freckles ran away we adopted Squall. Squall was at the pound and was scheduled to die the next day. He is a huge Tabby who is sweet and pawed at us through the cage. Squall is a cat who gives hugs and loves cuddling. We adopted him got him fixed and declawed. He does not like Brad but he is my buddy. We have a morning routine where we I get up with Mahalia he gets his wet food for the day. He ollows me around purring and loving on me because he knows that it is time for his daily treat. He is my big baby.

Trying to draw Squall out of his hiding all day we got a small tabby kitten named Rinoa (formerly Whispers), On day one she was scared scared scared but Squall was just as scared of her. Out of fear she hissed at everything at all times. On day one she chased Squall hissing into a corner scaring him so badly that he pooped himself and then she scratched at him. On day two they avoided one another. On day three Squall figured out that he was bigger and that she was just loud and when she would hiss at him to bother her he would lay down while she was hissing at him and stare at her.

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