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SO this is a little belated because I had this sono done at 16/17 weeks and I am now currently 21 weeks. Soooo we have known for some time what little joy we are expecting. Mahalia Dawn is the name that we have chosen. Dawn after my sister, my best friend, and my father in law "Don" so I think I have covered a few bases with the choice. We are sooo excited to be having a little girl along with Stephen who will be, no doubt, the best big brother ever! He is such a sweet giving little boy that he will def have no problems "sharing" his life and home with a little girl. He calls her "Baby Sister" right now. We have had discussions with him about the baby in mommy's belly who is "gwowing" and is his baby sister. We have talked about Mahalia in way such as when we buy an outfit to put away for her etc that it is Mahalia's. He has looked at the sonogram pictures and we have said that it is baby sister. There is actually the sono pic of her sucking her thumb up on the computer as the desktop background and when he sees it he points out that it is baby sister and sometimes if we are doing something on the computer he asks where baby sister is.

Stephen has been having regular craft time recently. We have been working on crafts for the Mahalia's room. It is great and fun and they are turning out wonderful. The pictures def show Stephen having a blast. I have a great time well. It is good time for bonding with Stephen. We also went to Michael's and did craft time there. Stephen made a bag with Fish on it that he now uses as his Daily here and there diaper bag. He loves it because he is able to carry it himself.

Brad got to feel Mahalai move the other day. It was great. He got a goofy grin on his face and started talking to her. It was really cute. I can't wait until Stephen gets to feel Mahalia move. That will be great for him. Well hopefully I can update more later.

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