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Today does not feel like it is still winter. Today's weather was a cool day in the 60s with just enough breeze that it was refreshing. It reminded me of days in the park as a child, hanging out with high school friends, ghost hunting in college (long story but the name is deceptive), and long drives to no where with my then boyfriend and now hubby.

When I was younger my father loved to cook out. Every time chance he got he would marinate chicken and throw it on the grill. I would sit and watch and chit chat. I am sure that he loved and hated it. Some days my nose would run from the cold but I cherished that time with my father and still love the memories. Really every chance I got to be around my father one on one I took. On Sundays he would nap with his headphones on next to his "state of the art" stereo. When I say state of the art I am talking about the dual cassette and record player with all the knobs and switches on a huge box system that measured 2 feet wide square by 4 feet tall with 2 matching speakers not much smaller than the actual unit. He would put on one of his many records or tapes, plug in the ole ear muff style headphones, and lay down and "cruise". His story was that he was just relaxing and listening to music. The well known truth was that he was napping. The sweet part was that there was a dual headphone dock and he would often let me join him. No I did not nap. I was a kid so napping was the enemy. But I did enjoy listening to his music and cuddling up next to him. Wish I had a picture of this one because I really enjoyed that time. I hope that my kiddos have memories like this with me when they grown up.

In high school my friends and I loved to hang out at a local park next to the college. We would talk about boys, life, school, and whatever was on our silly minds. The college intramural teams played there and most of the local boys who liked basketball had pick up games at the courts. We would walk the sidewalk that went around the park and look at the sites. I would be lying if I said we didn't hope that one of our walks would involve meeting guys. Probably the best story I have from those days was a walk I will never forget. One of my best friends and her sister had come with me to walk that day and there was a game of flag football going on in the main area off of the sidewalk. We had gone around a few times and had enjoyed watching the veracity in which the guys were playing. Suddenly, as if choreographed in a movie, all of the players stopped what they were doing and sang "Honey,
Oh Sugar Sugar,
You are my Candy girl,
And you got me wanting you..."
We stood there giggling like any teenage girls would do in that situation. The problem arose at the fact that all three of us were shy girls and none of our bold counterparts were there with us. So what did we do. Giggle and dash! They stood there kind dumbstruck for a moment and went back to their game thinking who knows what about us. If you asked any of us about that event we all probably remember it sweetly because it was just one of those wonderful moments that give a teenage girl hope for future romance and love.

In college I spent a lot of time walking everywhere. Walking to class, to the dorm, to eat, to the movies, to get groceries, to events, to friends dorms, etc and so on. I ended up with a great group of friends that I am so grateful for the memories that they gave me. One night we decided that we should check out the "haunted" locations on campus. So what are the tools to arm yourself with when going on a ghost hunt? Well. Water guns, bubbles, chocolate, and tootsie pops of course. I cannot remember what time we went out but it was a little after dark when we set out. We had mapped out the best path to hit the hot spots and had actually researched the stories about the hauntings. For some of us this was a little more than we studied for our other courses at the time. We had a blast. Mainly photo ops of stairways to no where and Charlie's Angel style posing with our water guns. Loads of laughs and a memory that I think we all will cherish. It was silly times like that that I sometimes fall back on as a pick me up.

When I met my now Hubby we found out that we both enjoyed a few similar things and among them were midnight walmart trips for no reason, baseball, and drives to no where on nice nights. My husband is a fan of cars. More specifically a fan of Toyota's. When I met him he had an 1988 White Toyota Celica convertible. It had a cd player and its heater/AC worked when it felt like it. It purred like a kitten. On cool nights we would put the top down, put on some Daily Planet, and drive. Sometimes we would end up somewhere and other times no where. We would talk about dreams and life. We discussed what we wanted and what he hoped for. It was an innocent time in the relationship that I try to take time to remember because it is something that we can't relive but it shaped the love that became our relationship and led us to where we are now. Just one of many sweet memories I have.

Now on days like today I make new memories but now it is with three children and my grown up life. Life is made up of moments. Some good, some bad, but all worth remembering. These moments shape who we are and what we become. They shape how we make our decisions and who we trust. I am grateful for my moments and the people that were a part of the moments of my life.

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