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Hello 23 weeks 4 days with 114 days to go. There is a lot of confusion for a little one when another baby is on the way. Alot of this is due to just the intangible nature of pregnancy. If you are on the outside you don't feel the movement and sickness and you don't have the constant awareness of another life growing. For Stephen being told about his "Baby Sister" or 'Baby Mahalia" who is on the way it is a constant reminder and attempt to bring him into the fun of the new life being created.

We started out telling him that baby sister was growing in Mommy's belly and showing him the sonogram pictures of his baby sister and trying to make her more tangible even though all we had was the pictures. That ended up confusing prro Stephen who thought baby sister was the picture on the screen. He knew that is was a baby and that it was somehow related to him but he was not sure about where the baby was. We told him about the baby growing in mommy's tummy. He seemed to understand that and would go to the computer screen and would talk about baby sister growing. We had him put his hand on my belly and said that baby sister was in mommy's belly and could not hear him so he needed to say Hi Mahalia or Hi Baby Sister. He would then remove his hand and walk over and say it to the computer screen. The other day there was a slight break through although he is still a little confused. He was looking at the computer screen and said Hi Mahalia and then pulled his shirt up and came up to me and said Baby sister in my tummy. We gently told him that Mahalia was not in his tummy but in mommy's tummy. I think he is getting it slowing but surly.

Stephen has started stuttering when he is thinking really hard and when he is excited. Experts and those I trust agree that this is okay and that he is just learning so fast that his brain is having trouble keeping up and that it will pass. No worries. It can be cute and sometimes it sounds painful when he is trying really hard to say something. I am working hard just to let it come out on its own.

I have been having fun playing with my registry for Mahalia and was excited to find that Amazon now has a universal registry where you can register for things not on their site so it keeps it all very simple. I love Amazon. The registry is a good checklist of the things I still need to gather along the way.

Mahalia is breech. I know this right now because her favorite thing to do is tap dance on my bladder/cervix or jump on it like a trampoline. It is rather uncomfortable and I keep telling her she needs to flip now while there is still room. But she jsut loves dancing on my bladder. Oh well we shall see how it all unfolds. I am trying not to nest to badly but not working on the nursery is killing me. Oh well I will try and resist a little longer.

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