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So I am very excited. I have my next sono on Wednesday and those are always great to help my calm down a bit because I will get to see my little miracle and make sure she is still a she. I am hoping that she will cooperate, unlike her brother, and do the 3d sono for us. Stephen put his hands and later feet infront of his face and would not move em for us to get the 3d shot. Oh well. We will be checking the position of the placenta which was low in that last sono. The Doctor said that 99% or more of the time the placenta moves up as the pregnancy progresses and that at this point she is not overly concerned. We will be getting a better shot of the heart and the spine because in that last sono she felt that the shots that she got were not great. She is not concerned though because the pregnancy has been progressing well. I did the glucose test at the last apt and I do not have gestational diabetes which is great news. They did find that my iron was low so I am not taking a thyroid pill in the morning with my claritin, prenatal and magnesium at lunch, and an iron tablet in the evening. I feel like that is a lot of pills but I know for a fact that others are having to take more and they aren't having to take em for preggo reasons. I am really grateful that I am remaining healthy and that thus far Mahalia has been doing well.

Stephen continues to do well. We are working on potty training which when he is in the mood he is a champ at it but when he is not wanting to mess with it he well doesn't bother. We did big boy underwear last night because he does know when he needs to go plus it does not wick away wetness and he can feel it better. But he was not in the mood to mess with going to the potty so he started by pooping in the underwear and we took him and showed him how to put it in the toilet and put on new underwear, then he came and told me he peed and I had to clean up a really small puddle in the kitchen, I changed him into his third and final pair (I really need to stock up on more underwear for him) and he peed a little bit in the living room. Needless to say we cleaned it up and put on a pullup. we were done for the night both due to not having any more big boy underwear but also because Stephen was not interested in doing it last night and I am not going to force it at this point.

Currently I am trying to nest but am not able to because as most people know a lot of nesting is done greatly through the preggo's hubby because we can't move heavy things etc. We are moving Stephen to the front room and making Stephen's nursery into Mahalia's room. Right now the current things that I am waiting for is for the filing cabinet to be moved out of the front room and Stephen's bed to be moved into its place. I already have the safety knob covers in place in front room and can get the other stuff moved once the two big things are moved.

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