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The Fish and the Mouse Host a Garage Sale!

If a fish and a mouse fell in love where would they live? Well a fish and a mouse should never fall in love because it is just not natural. But if they did the mouse would need to learn to swim. Compromise is a part of every relationship that you will ever be in during your lifetime. There are many compromises that you might not realize that you have made so they come naturally and you don’t even think about it. There are several times a day even that you are compromising and it takes no real effort. Sooo why is it so hard to compromise with spouses?
So the hubs I would say to me is my personal “fish” and I am the “mouse” who is working to compromise and learn to swim so we can live together. There are situations of course where I am the “fish” and he is the “mouse” learning to swim like with home décor but that is neither here nor there because I being human am self centered.
This weekend is GARAGE SALE weekend. Woo Hoo! So this is my first ever I am hosting it and selling my things as an adult. What a milestone I am about to embark on. Hubs of course in the dutiful “fish” role maintains that GARAGE SALE’s are dumb because you take an entire day out of your life to not make much $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ and it seems like a waste “lets just take it all to the donation center or throw it away” and “I will believe it when I see it” and “Do it on your time.” So that is exactly what I did. I planned my own GARAGE SALE where I will not share the $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ because he is not helping and he wanted to “lets just take it all to the donation center or throw it away.” So I set the date on Facebook and asked for help with the kiddos for the day so that there was no going back. Then I went through the attic and drug boxes downstairs. Phew it was a lot of work getting all the crap gathered together! Once again no help so no $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ for him! Hubs and I have been talking about family size and whether or not we want more than the two rugrats that we have now. He has said that he wants to adopt which is really noble of him. I always wanted to adopt and well as I have gotten older the desire has faded a bit honestly. I was adopted so I love the idea of it. But here is the catch you never know what you will get and it is expensive. I have two excellent kiddos and they take all my available $$$$$$-> money <-$$$$$$ so adopting seems out of the picture for me really. So he would love another but he wants to adopt, which is a difficult prospect for me because I work with kids and know what a can of worms it can be. I would love to adopt really I avoid the adoption websites that have kiddos on em because I fall in love and want to run and get them that minute. But back on topic I decided to sell all the baby stuff if more babies are not a part of plan than there is no use in packing it away to be stored forever and ever and ever! So currently my main room is stacked to the ceiling with CRAP from the attic and kitchen to be sold. I unloaded the stuff in the kitchen and so many things we got from our wedding showers are awesome and cool gadgets that I just never use so why have them in my kitchen if they are going to sit and collect dust? So I am selling selling selling! I planned it on a Saturday because that is the day that Brad works so it will not bother him as much. I told him that I want to try this and see how it goes and if it is crash and burn I will know better next time and if it works out and is great than -> I am right!<- and he is >WRONG<>

Pictures of the Chaos of my Garage Sale planning!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Ha ha this wordless Wednesday is a play for votes... LOL yes yes I need as many votes as possible on my Daughters adorable pic of her playing in the pool in the Rayovac Summer Fun Photo contest to try and win a new wonderful digital Camera so scroll below the pic and click the link and hit VOTE you can vote once every 24 hrs!

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