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Sooo I absolutely love some chocolate. Also some PB. And sometimes some... We all have our lists of likes. No matter how you word it pretty much every diet out there says not to deny yourself what you like. You are more likely to quit and loose all motivation if you think you cannot ever have what you would like. So first off according to data I could find 95% of D-words fail.

Look at that. Crazy! So we aren't up against great odds really. I mean even within those 5% that were successful, how many will rebound. Rebound is common and it is because most of us Yo-yo through our D-words hoping for results and when we get them yo-yo back again but further. More like a yo-yo on a bungee cord and less like a string. Soooo what do we do. Once agian foods don't have to be tasteless. We can have what we like. Read those nutrition labels and have the serving.

Servings are cruel cruel jokes! Really! Ice creamo is a great example. Something that we all pretty much want to sit down and finish the pint... Well the serving is 1/4 cup sooo there could be as many as 8 servings in that countainer pending on filling. So multiply that calorie intake by 8! Can anyone say I ate Ice cream today and that is it! So look at those labels.

I love the new craze for fitness! Not only because it is good for us. But because you can find 100 calorie packs of almost anything: Chips, candy, cookie, ice cream, cereal, so on and so forth. Remember to look at labels here because some of these 100 calorie packs are a little over or under. But for a quick snack these are excellent. Plus this is the greatest way to get what you are craving but keep yourself from over doing it. Remember only eat one and not the whole box. I know I have been tempted to do that before when it was delicious!

So deny not those likes just control thine portions!

Sooo on a side not but speaking of not denying yourself. Don't deny yourself pleasure either...

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