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So we set up for the garage sale bright and early. I went around and put up signs at great locations close by so people would see them and come to my garage sale. I set out all of the stuff and it looked pretty good. I was sooo sure with baby stuff up for grabs that they would flock to the sale to grab cheaper stuff. It looked nice with my friend Teran and kiddos waiting.

We waited and waited. Teran went to put up some other signs further out. No one really came. FAIL! I felt defeated really. So I drive to get some soda. Someone had torn down all of my signs in the locations that were close that were important to get people to the garage sale and to get the word out. And the really important intersections now had a sign for a sale down the street from mine on the same day. I was sooo angry. I sat outside and worked my bum off for someone to just tear down all of my signs and replace the great intersection ones with their own when it is only logical that two garage sales close together would get more of a crowd than one so they would have increased patronage not lost it to me. Grrr! I am steamed over this. I not only got a sunburn and sat outside all day for almost nothing but that was just a really rude thing to do. I have their address so it is really tempting to go and talk to them about this because it was just uncalled for. Now my living room really did not change all that much. Oh well. Fail blog it is for this garage sale but I still contend that Hubby is wrong about garage sales and had my signs been left intact that I would have proved it.


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