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The Artist

So the little artist strikes again with a vengence. Here he is after all was said and done hiding from the camera like a celeb from bad publicity. I think he is learning that I tell people these things. His own personal inquirer.

So what happened... We got home early due to a contact malfunction. It was terrible, enough said. I was so proud of my little artist as he asks to use the potty. I send him upstairs since the little lady was sleeping and he would have to travel through her room to use the facilities since the route through his room is baracaded due to other artistic feats. So he goes upstairs and I hear shuffling. I can't yell because as I said little lady is napping and I do not want to wake her. So I wait a few minutes. Soon the artist returns and is saying something about his ball having something on it. So I look. It kinda looks like bubble gum so I touch it out of confusion. What is this... PAINT! I then really look at him and he is covered in paint on his shirt, pants, feet, hands. ARGH! I ask him why he got into the paint. He said "I don't know."

So I then have to go and look at the damage upstairs. I am nervous I mean who knows what I could find. I walk slowly up the stairs breathing all the way. I then see this... only the begining...

Paint on the game chair. Then I go and look around the corner and see this...

Paint on the table and DVD holder Hubby made. But I look down, where I had been to nervous to look and there is more!

PAINT ON THE FLOOR! I look to see what kind of paint is on the carpet. Finger crossed for acrylic that I have some chance of scrubbing out of the carpet... I see my paint brush tackle box that I inherited from my grandmother. NOOOO! I had purchased fabric paint for baby gifts earlier in the year so I could do a special Ugly doll burp cloth and still have it be washable without affecting the picture. Oh he had found my very permanent fabric paint and put it on the carpet. So I wiped up what I could and now have beautiful carpet.

Later I was doing something and looked at my cat and found this...

Poor Squall couldn't even escape the mad artists muse and got painted as well. So I anxiously await the reaction of hubby who does not know yet and will be none to thrilled. Oh the artist and their craft.


Cody said... August 19, 2010 at 2:21 AM  

Oh, he's cute! Oh well, boys will be boys! But he sure is such a nice boy for cleaning it all up. With kids around, it's definitely a must to keep the carpet clean and germ-free. I have kids at home too and I always make sure that they are laying and playing on a safe carpet. I normally acquire the services of my trusted Orange County carpet cleaners to remove nasty dirt and toxins. Make sure that the company you hire provides the latest technology in carpet cleaning. Orange County, CA has the best carpet cleaners that I have ever tried!

I hope he won't be in big trouble!

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! Those pictures are adorable!!!

I also wanted to ask a favor of you ... I follow your blog through GFC and have entered quite a few of your giveaways. I am in the process of getting started with reviews and giveaways and need more "formal" followers through GFC! I have tons of readers, but am having a hard time to get people to actually "follow" me through GFC without a giveaway entry!! Would you please become a follower of mine?

I would be forever grateful!!

Have a great day!

Sorry to leave a comment on your post, but I've tried emailing you a couple of times, with no response. I won the Buddha Bunz giveaway awhile back and have not received anything, email or dryer balls. Do you have any news? Thanks!

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