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I love movies that my hubby tells me are way too young for me. Why? Because of the innocence of that age. Even in situations that are not soo innocent there is an innocent approach to things. Plus I myself was never a wild child or an outgoing boy crazy flirt… Okay I did flirt and I was boy crazy but I was not going around kissing guys for no reason other than boredom or practice when I was a teenager high schooler. I had my first kiss at 18 my first year of college at the Christmas party on the fourth floor of my dorm (I lived on the sixth) in the suite of the guys that I hung out with and chilled with that year. If you could not find me that year I was either in that suite watching TV/hanging out or at Crosswalk. Well back to the first kiss. I was all set to have a special perfect first kiss; I mean I saved it for how long? Well a gay guy was a little drunk and kept complimenting me on my blue eyes and showing me pics of his boyfriend. Almost out of nowhere he cornered me between the door and the microfridge and laid one on me. I tried to duck but he put his hand under my arm. Sooo after that I did not care as much. But that said it is pretty obvious that I did not have the wild social high school experience that is in TV shows and movies about the high school experience so I live vicariously through the innocent misgivings of the youth in the shows.

Angus, Thongs, and Serious Snogging is a very cute movie in which Georgia falls in love with Robbie the new boy. This is a great English movie much like Bridget Jones. Where Bridget Jones was an English quirky love story for older High Schoolers and College Students Angus is a movie great from the Middle School bunch and younger High Schoolers. On the first day of school Georgia falls hard for new boy rocker Robbie and plots how to get him. Her exploits include practice kissing with the go-to kissing coach at the school who falls for her but she hates his slobbery love, pretending to lose her cat to meet and spend time with Robbie, orange legs, and bleach hair. All through this her father moves for work and her mother is acting strange. The biggest hurtle though is the beautiful blonde that Robbie is dating. It is a great movie where you laugh and you really feel for the awkward and quirky Georgia who only wants that perfect high school experience and the perfect boy by her side throughout it.


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