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A little break from my recent yarn for a little fun about the situation I currently find myself in...

Now that I am unemployed I can...

  • Research all of those big career tracks that I would love to have but don't qualify for and don't have the money to get the degree to qualify for them.

  • Write the next American Novel in all that spare time that two children under 4 give me.

  • Clean the house as the afore mentioned children under 4 tear through it.

  • Learn to bake like a pro when I am not making fish sticks, grilled cheese, PB&J, and the many other kiddo faves.

  • Catch up on the scrapbooking and try to ensure that the living room is not covered in glitter when the kiddos want to "help."

  • Sleep in a little later or at least until my three year old comes and wakes me up.

  • Play on Facebook for brief periods all day long.

  • Find a play group and see what that is like and if it really is a cut throat world of Mom's and my kid is better than yours.

  • Try out this Mother's day out concept if I can manage the money out of the budget to do so.

  • Read those magazines that come in the mail that I never had a chance to read before.

  • Cook meals instead of "warming things up" (Courtesy of Johnson home boys)

  • Check on my unemployment, CHIPS, WIC, and TANF statuses online since we now qualify due to my lack of income.

  • Realize that I am becoming exactly what I did not want to be with the above item.

  • Try to decide what to do next.

  • Watch stupid movies while I fold laundry.

  • And the best in this list is that I get to spend the days with my kids while they are still small.

Here is the deal. I lost my job on Monday. This was a shock to me and my family and seemed to come out of nowhere. It was not a good situation as there was no warning or predicating issue at work anywhere near this time. So now we are crunching numbers and deciding what to do from here. Keeping positive through this.


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