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So we all look at the bathroom scale with horror especially during a D-word.... Even fitness pros tell you that the scale is deceiving and that daily weigh ins aren't necessary because of the body's normal fluctuation daily. So what do we do?? I am more of a fan of a weekly or bi-weekly weigh in. This gives a chance for loss but without the stress of the fluctuation of up to 5lbs give you stress.

Today's tip is about meal planning. Remember to use your resources! On there are some pretty excellent recipes that have healthy alternatives. But what about when you have ingredients or need to search for a specific part of the meal?? My recommendation for this is and its advanced search option where you can search for a dinner side that is low-fat, low-cal, gluten free etc and so on! Also you can search for the ingredients that you have on hand in that same search. Another alternative without as many bells and whistles is at and it allows an ingredient search. I prefer AllRecipes because they have a vast amount of recipes. The recipes have nutrition information and you can print them with that information on the recipe making it for easy figuring later. Plus scroll on down the recipe and there is feedback from other users who have made the recipe, ratings, and notes about things that you could try differently.

I guess the biggest tip for today is that good for you is not tasteless and when you use your resources you can find some excellent things that won't cost a lot of CALORIES!


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