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A few tricks to increasing Calories burned daily... These are pretty simple and i am sure you have heard them all...

1) Drink plenty of water. Throw out that 8 glass a day rule with the 2,000 a day rule. Both are pretty worthless in the end.
CalculatorsLive Daily Water requirements calculator has a great calculator that figures out how much water you shoudl drink daily based on activity level as well as weight. Drinking water is intended to replace what is lost daily. This helps clean out your system and aids in healthy body weight. And just like the Calories depending on the person the amount of water your boday needs varies. Another calculator can be found at as the Human Water Requirement Calculator. That Calculator figures based on weight as well as exercise but it is a little more accurate since exercise is in minutes and not statements. But what sets this calculator apart is that it also includes climate since the temperature outside changes the amount of water needed. So use what you like but remember to drink you water.

2) Hoof it. Walk it. Skip it. Move. Instead of hoping in the car to travel where possible walk. At my job I usually walk to lunch at the dining hall and drive to where my clients live. I could easily walk but tend to be lazy and drive. It is faster and increases how long I can stay with the kiddos so weighed out it is worth the loss of movement. But it is pretty easy to walk or take the stairs when possible. Simple.

3) Forget the desk chair. Sitting on a balance ball, exercise ball, fitness ball could increase your dailt Calories burned by up to 350 Calories daily. This is an easy task. Yes you will look funny. But since I have been doing I think I have experienced more curious people and less what an idot people. I like it. It helps with balance and from fitness gurus it keeps your muscles activated helping with caloric burn. I like it. Simple solution for a few more calories. But remember to bring your air pump or you will eventually be sitting on the gound with a armrests.

4) Trick your mind with a smaller plate. I am a member of the clean plate club. We go way back! If there was a platinum membership I would be there. I have a lot of trouble not eating everything on my plate even when I know it is too much. So I eat it all and regret later. What the people who get the big bucks have said is that a smaller plate and a larger plate when filled will both satify the person who is eating because we are looking at the empty plate and not the amount. Weird. If it works for you then do it.

5) Slow down the scarf fest. The faster you eat the more you will eat and you might eat more than you need to. The easy solution would be to simply slow down. But when I am shoveling it in it is easier said than done. So what is the solution. Here is a rule to follow to force some slow down. After each bite put your fork/spoon down. After three bites take a sip of water and repeat. With this you pretty much have no choice but to slow down with all of this up and down of the fork.

So that was just a couple of quick tips. Take em, Leave em, or Laugh at em but thats what I got so enjoy!


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