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Okay so for the longest time I really thought that Mom's who went out to clubs or bars were a little less than cool. I am being honest. I was a little uniformed I think. With Stephen I never ever went out to clubs or went out drinking with my friends. I would have GNO weekly and we would go to dinner or make dinner and watch a movie. Simple. Fun. It was okay. But I did that weekly. After I had Mahalia I was dying to get out and do something that was not the same ole same ole thing. So I went O-U-T with the girls for my friends 21st b-day. Woot! It was a blast! I loved getting out drinking a little and dancing. (Disclaimer: I do not condone drinking and driving you should always find a DD or take a cab) So a few weeks later I went out with the girls again and man I loved it. It was not about being seen really but about seeing life and living. I love danicing with my girl friends and laughing about the interesting things that you see when you are out! What a rush! Now I am going out with my girls about once a month and at the most twice (only when there is a special occasion). So with this change I am having a blast with my girls but also getting more time with my babies and hubby. So it is a win win! Look at my fun pics in a slideshow below!


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